Jack Nugent

A proven Full-Stack Engineer with a strangely successful hobby.

This website showcases solutions I’ve engineered, whether they were for my full-time job as a Software Engineer, for my part-time job as a Content Creator on YouTube, or for both.

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Peer Testimonies

He is deepening his skills and knowledge as a front end developer at an impressive rate and is outpacing some of his more seasoned colleagues.

He also stepped into unknown territory (time series) and spent extra time outside of the project learning about this type of predictive analytics...

Typically I'd expect to see a significant loss in efficiency and knowledge with a newly formed team, but that really hasn't felt like an issue due to Jack's skill as a developer.

My Latest Project

YouTube Mash

Built a website to judge my past YouTube videos. Written using DynamoDB, S3, Cloudfront, React, Gatsby, and Gitlab-CI.